This fantastic safari begins on the 4th September 2020, when you arrive in Maun and we meet you and take you to the Waterfront, where you can unwind and relax after your flights.

A highly recommended optional extra is a Helicopter flight over the Delta this evening, Dinner at The Waterfront.

The next morning at 10am, we collect you and we drive 2 1/2 hrs to the Southern entrance of Moremi Game Reserve, where you check into the Park and we have a light lunch whilst our water trailer fills. We then have another 2 hours driving, at least, to get us to Second Bridge. Our team has gone ahead and our camp should be mostly ready by the time we arrive. We will show you the camp, and your tent – if you are a couple this will be a luxury Sahara walk in tent with toilet and shower en suite, and your own private verandah.

This area is isolated and in a very rich game and bird area. We will explore our immediate surroundings that afternoon before finding a scenic place for Sunset and sundowners (like a Gin and Tonic) before returning to our camp. We will settle in and  enjoy snacks and drinks around the fire before you help yourselves to a tasty hearty dinner.  We normally retire to our tents early, so to be ready for the adventures ahead!We supply you each with a solar powered lamp to read by, and suggest you bring a head lamp, with rechargeable batteries.

6th and 7th September Second Bridge Moremi Game Reserve – we wake you early in the morning, in the dark, and put warm water in your individual washing basins in your en suite. We then have a good breakfast by the fire before we embark on our morning game drive. It is like a treasure hunt, seeing the tracks that the nocturnal animals have left on the road and looking out, as we drive slowly along for a good sunrise subjectWe may stay in the Second Bridge area or venture further afield, this will depend on what we have hear during the night and what we have found early morning. We have our morning tea with us and normally stop for a break about 3 hours after we have left our camp. We will then game drive until we reach home for a break a yummy lunch and then a siesta period during which you can recharge your digital equipment look at photo’s already taken, play games or simply sleep> The choice is yours. We gather at around 3.30pm for tea, codffe fruit and biscuits before leaving at 4pm for our afternoon adventure. On this we will game drive (depending on what and where we found that morning) and stop for sundowners, same routine as night before.

On the 8th September we are moving our camp to the other side of Moremi to an exclusive site near Xakanaxa, we awake you early but you need to have your bags packed and we have only rusks tea coffee and fruit, before our early game drive. We will stay with radio signal of our camp, until we get confirmation from our staff that the camp is loaded and they are mobile. We return to our now empty camp site for a light snack (like a bacon and egg sandwich) tea and coffee, we hook up our water trailer We then game drive through the park, taking a picnic lunch with us, which we will enjoy eating somewhere scenic along the way. Our team will erect our camp a few km from Xakanaxa and we will make our way there in time for afternoon tea and a chance to see our new surrounds and settle in before our evening game drive.

Ulinda Safaris luxury safari tent with en suite.

Ulinda Safaris luxury safari tent with en suite.

9th September 2020 we have the same early morning routine and depending on water levels and game movements will explore this area, from Paradise Pools to Dead Tree Island, 4th and 3rd BridgesIt is important to get an early start here due to the close proximity of Lodges in this area, we want to be the first to find something interesting to watch and photograph and usually have about an hour before the Lodge people arrive and this area becomes crowded!! We may cross the water then to Dead Tree Island and beyond but will only know on the day! Normal routine.

On the 10th September 2020 we wake you early as usual and we drive to the boat station at Xakanaxa at 6am for a Full Day Boat Cruise into the Inner Delta giving us a great chance to see the rare elusive Sitatungaand visit the breeding Heronry at Godikwe, deep inside the Okavango Delta. We have a tasty nutritious picnic lunch with us and our chairs and will relax a few hours on an island near the heronry before returning in time for sunset to Xakanaxa and then onto our camp. Normal night time routine.

11th September 2020 we have you pack your bags and be out bright and early, as we are moving again, this time to Khwai. We will game drive locally before getting radio message from the Back Up Team that all is packed and loaded. We again have a snack before driving through the park, via Hippo Pools where we enjoy another picnic lunch and relax at the platform there for a couple of hours. When we reach North Gate we will check out of Moremi and fill our water trailer before driving through Khwai Village and then going to our next site, a beautiful Exclusive Operators Sitenext to the water in the Khwai Concession area. Here our staff will set up our camp for the next 3 nights. This area is a lot more expensive to stay at, than inside the Parks but we have the freedom (at your guides discretion) to drive off the road, do night drives with a spotlight and get out of our vehicles and explore a bit, we even have a 2 1/2 hour mekoro trip whilst here early morning on the 12th September 2020

Mokoro Ride in Khwai

You can take a tranquil mokoro (traditional dugout canoe) trip with community members while in Khwai.

This area is famous for it’s Leopards!!Leopard choking Impala KhwaiThey can be very relaxed around us and often give us great photographic opportunties.

After 3 nights at Khwai we have another moving day routine in place, and will leave the Okavango Delta, and enter the famous Chobe National park for our last 6 nights on Safari.

Once our camp is packed and mobile we drive approximately 5 hours to Savuti. Thought by many to be Botswana’s premium Wildlife Destination and famed for it’s large prides of Elephant killing Lions, this area is always a huge pleasure to visit. Our site is well situated, close to Pump Pan and Harveys Pans (which will be dry)

Bushman Paintings at Savuti at least 300 years old

We have 3 nights at Savuti and will make the most of it visiting the huge dry marsh, and the solar powered waterholes at Rhino Vlei and Marabou Pan daily, a lot of action can sometimes be found around these remote waterholes. We will also visit a rock island that helps protect 13 Baobab Tree’s from Elephants. In September 2019 we found an Aardwolf Den on the Marsh and will be seeing if it is being used again

Aardwold puppy in den Savuti September 2019   

On the 17th September 2020 we have our longest moving day, from Savuti to the Chobe River, sometimes 7 hours of driving – you will appreciate our vehicles that close up for this and protect you against wind and dust and allow us to travel at normal speeds once we reach the tarmac road at Kachikau Village 4 hours slog from Savuti. We sometimes get stuck in the sand at the notorious Kachikau crossing but this is usually brief and just adds to the adventure that is a mobile safari!! We will be driving in convoy with our back up team until we leave the tar road past Ngoma Gate. They will then go ahead as we game drive along the Chobe River taking our time to reach our new, final exclusive camp site which is only minutes from the river and floodplain and deep within the park. This gives us 3 chances to get great sunset photo’s like the above which was taken by Jungle Jane last year whilst staying at this site. Sunrises and even earlier can be very productive in the area close to our camp siteThis female Leopard was close to the river after leaving her kill for an early morning drink in the river.

We will go into Kasane Town for a 3 hour boat cruise on the 18th September, usually a highlight of your safari, after our early morning drive, returning to our camp for siesta time around 4pm. We will be able to explore the entire riverfront from Ngoma to the west to Serondera to the east. Great for photography and finding something “different”.

On our last day, the 20th September 2020, we will have a last early morning drive, before returning to our camp for a Full English breakfast and your last chance to see our amazing staff. We then transfer you, at 9am to the Zimbabwe Border, the Zambian Border or Kasane International Airport.

5 places left, cost pp sharing for our Luxury Sahara Tents US$7,850 pp cost pp sharing using our toilet en suite dome tents US$6,650 all inclusive