3 nights Nxai Pan

3 nights Central Kalahari Game Reserve

THANKS Jane, Victor and Gase for an absolutely amazing week!

We started our adventurous Christmas by being flooded in Nxai Pan. A thunderstorm came in and suddenly all our tents were floating in water. We thought it was part of the show!

The grasslands of Nxai Pan started to come to life and we saw herds of zebra, gnu, oryx etc.We also saw many giraffes. Most interesting was probably the lions giving us a live show of their sex life, over and over again (every 20 minutes actually ). In Kalahari we experienced beautiful sunrise and the starry sky. A truly amazing experience. We’ve had so much peace in our minds while spening time in this unique landscape. But overall the best part has been “living in the wild” sleeping in a tent and listening to lions roaring in the distance, having an outdoor shower and enjoying the bush television in the evening. The food and service has been OUTSTANDING! Could never imagine we would be served such delicious food in the wild.

Victor and Gase – it is very interesting and inspiring watching you work. Your calmness and efficiency when fixing the camp and cooking food (even in heavy rainfall) is very admirable. I’m going to take that with me and I’ll try to duplicate it in my work.

Jane : We are so glad that we picked you for guiding us through Botswana’s wildlife. Your knowledge about the animals and surroundings are incredible. All our questions are followed by an answer, well thought of. If you don’t know the answer , you always let us know that you don’t and that you’re looking it up. That is very professional.

We really hope to come back when the “human bean” has become a human being.


Much love / Jonatan & Liza ( + bean)

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