Elephants drinking Savuti Channel Hippo pool, humans having tea and coffee!

Tea and coffee and cookie time Savuti Channel 25th May 2013

At 80 years of age I was very apprehensive about making a camping trip – my first. Now at the end of the trip I don’t want to leave. Jane is the most efficient host I ever have had the pleasure to be with.. Her staff is excellent (due to the training). I can’t wait to travel with her again.
Regina Goldberg (vegetarian) Pennsylvania, USA

This was my first camping trip – what a joyous surprise! Being here for the full moon adds to the special beauty – I loved the two completely different elephant encounters, lions, the Roan Antelope, leopard, hyena’s – I can’t remember all the animals but I will relive the magic when I download the photo’s. Gassies food is yummy, and all service is superior – Jane – what can I say I am so happy that I did this safari.
June Atkinson, Santa Monica, California

A trip to remember! Just wish I new more about photography now. Have learnt so much from Jane, have eaten so much wonderful food from Gase’s kitchen, have enjoyed Victors fabulous showers & attention to detail around the campsite. Thanks to the team. We had 15 days to enjoy wonderful Botswana.
Dennis and Kay Johns, New Zealand, 27th May 2013

What is this a photo of? Only June, Reggie, Dennis, Kay and Jane know?