30th August 2013 – This was not my first safari but definitely the best! We’ve seen some incredible things and will be taking back some fantastic photographs. The accommodation was great and the food even better! Thanks a lot. Lionel Fafchamps I agree. We had some adventures but we always came through thanks to the resilience, determination and good spirit of the staff. An extremely enjoyable experience that we will cherish forever.

Marcel Falchamps

This was my first safari. We enjoyed the adventure and occasional unplanned situations that required some quick thinking. Jane and Scott were excellent guides and got us safely through the itinerary. And many thanks to the outstanding support staff who kept us warm and well fed. Dan Seubert, Palo Alto California

Many thanks to the team of Jane they were really wonderful. Even with problems on the road they were on time with all supports. We changed only 3 times the tyres quite a good average on the long road. Now we know that driving a windy day things out ??? changes. Special thanks to Scott and the wildlife experiences

Philippe Fafchamps

I was very impressed by all the animals we saw!& Scott and Jane were great, camp was very comfortable staff was pleasant and food was good.

Emilie Seubert, Palo Alto CA