August delivered many memorable moments from Chobe’s lions, including watching some adorable young cubs playing with their patient mother’s tail mere metres from us.

Lion Cub and mother's tail on safari with Ulinda Two lion cubs taken on safari with Ulinda Safaris

At Savuti we held our breath as a brave leopard that dropped an impala leg out of a tree only just managed to retrieve it as a spotted hyaena rushed in to try and scavenge.

Another more leisurely leopard was found lounging at Kudu Hill. He provided some picturesque shots as he lay on the rocks part way up the hill. And near Marabou Pan we came across a very relaxed Honey Badger. He was unusually foraging on a dead log in the middle of the day and was very relaxed about our presence allowing us a great up-close sighting.

Leopard on hill at Savuti in Botswana

We closed off the month with the thrilling sight of African wild dogs chasing impala early in the morning near our camp in Khwai.

September at Khwai bought us more leopards, as well as yawning lions and bathing elephants. Savuti delighted with lions taking interest in a big male hippo at the dwindling and aptly names Disaster Pan. The hippo ended up leaving the pool to see them off.

Hippo seeing Lion off Disaster Pan Savuti

It was also exciting to watch 4 big male lions chase a giraffe at full speed past us!

We enjoyed seeing a leopard prowling near Harvey’s Pans and an African wild cat on the move. Once again the activity at the hyaena den at Savuti provided much entertainment. Moving onto Chobe we were delighted by lions and a leopard. The 3-hour boat cruise on the Chobe River was also fruitful and relaxing.

Elephant Bull feeding in Chobe River

We returned to Savuti to find 2 leopards that had killed a porcupine! We were first there early in the morning and watched some snarling from the leopards before a spotted hyaena took off with their hard-earned kill.


Leopards at Savuti on porcupine killAt Rhino Vlei Pan we watched a large pride of 13 lions who seemed content sleeping. And we rounded off the month in Khwai where we saw another ‘cat-napping’ feline- a leopard sleeping in a tree. There were also wonderful birds and great general game sightings throughout this period.

October found us again at Khwai enjoying good leopard sightings with many thirsty animals enjoying the river. There were still many lions to be seen at Savuti as well as African wild dogs.

Wild dogs playing Deception

Chobe was also abundant with lions and literally hundreds of elephants and Cape buffalo. Later in the month, we enjoyed seeing lion and 2 cheetah brothers at Savuti. 3 leopards were found making a lot of noise over an impala kill along the river at Khwai.

Leopard on hill at Savuti in BotswanaWe were then lucky enough to watch a leopard kill a large impala ram, taking a good 5 minutes to choke it. It then dragged the kill off to thick cover. We also enjoyed watching Africa wild dogs twice whilst here.

Leopard choking Impala Khwai