A new review by Sim Y (captsimyw@gmail.com) from Malaysia.
Rating: star rating 5/5 stars
Tour date: September 2019
Title: The Safari Tour of my choice in Botswana
Review: My family (me, wife and son) with 4 other friends had a wonderful experience with Ulinda Safaris for 14 days in September of 2019. The safari was led by Jane Bettaney and two other guides namely Ngkosi and Tabs.
This is my 3 safari in Botswana and my second time with Ulinda Safaris. The previous safari was a very private one with only me and my son. We had such a good experience so much so we decided to do it again this time with my wife as well.
This time the safari was even better organized than previous as Jane had taken some recommendations that I had made the last time about improving the facilities for photographers. As well as some prior planning as regards to our photographic needs like dream shots of sunrise and sunset with an animal foreground. With Jane’s experience and not forgetting the other two guides Ngkosi and Tabs as well we managed into position each morning and evening to get our dream shots.
Luck or maybe good guiding by our guides, we were having wonderful experience nearly every day to witness some very unique animal sightings and behavior. Like seeing a large pack of lions something like nearly 30 lions all together in one place and seeing large packs of wild dogs most days and even witnessing wild dogs hunting and making the kill.
The organization of the safari was excellent and things went very smoothly throughout the 14 days. The food was surprising good despite the fact that it was a camping trip, and each meal was something we looked forward to. Jane even setup a surprised birthday party in the bush for my wife’s birthday.
Photography is my passion and on this one trip I captured many more photos that I have ever captured in previous safaris, which I would be proud to hang in my photo gallery.
Thank you Ulinda Safaris.