We had a great twelve-day safari with Jane, Victor, Pini and Manga doing everything to ensure a wonderful trip.

We saw lots of animals (Leopards🐆, Lions🦁, tons of Elephants, Wild dogs, Honey Badgers, a Python and much more besides*) and enjoyed the beautiful scenery. We felt out of time, and it was a good feeling to escape from the hyper-connected world for the duration of this trip. The food was great and the camping luxurious.

Malachite Kingfisher Chobe

A special thank you to Jane for finding the Wildlife, getting us in a good spot to watch and photograph the animals and birds, and giving us all the time in the world to enjoy watching them.

Thanks for everything!!
Edward and Violaine)
(Canada and Switzerland/France)
🐘 * and Rollers🐦, Bee Eaters, Giraffe🦒, Buffalo, Mongooses etc etc